Guild Wars 2 Releases Official Trailer For The Next Icebrood Saga Chapter ‘No Quarter’

guild wars 2 no quarter tent bannerArenaNet has just released the official trailer for No Quarter, the third chapter of the latest Living World episode, The Icebrood Saga. The studio also dropped more information about the upcoming chapter including plot points and the name of the new map.

“Chapter three of Guild Wars 2’s ongoing story The Icebrood Saga arrives Tuesday, May 26, plunging players into the middle of an epic confrontation against former allies as conflict between factions of charr warriors erupts into all out civil war. Titled No Quarter, the episode opens up a brand new, never-before seen part of Tyria: the Drizzlewood Coast tucked into the viridian forests of the Woodland Cascades. Taking inspiration from the World vs. World game mode, players will be thrust into a massive map-wide battle featuring fortress sieges and capture points in one gigantic meta-event.”

According to the a recent press release, the update will also feature the Charr Civil War meta-even, the new Cold War Strike Missions, an additional Essence Manipulation Mastery tier, the new Stormcaller and Tengu Echo weapon sets, Charr-themed gear, new Bear Shaman armor, a new play dead emote, and the new United Legions Waystation Mastery, which will grant players with new special action skills for resupplying allies and laying siege to Char fortresses.

Unlike previous Living World episodes, No Quarter will launch without voice acting because of the pandemic. ArenaNet assures players that the voice overs will be rolled out once they’ve completed and processed the recordings.

And now, I give you the official No Quarter trailer. Enjoy!