Guild Wars 2 Reveals This Week’s Free Living World Season 2 Episodes

guild wars 2 echoes of the past banner

Over the past few weeks, ArenaNet has been giving away Guild Wars 2 Living World episodes in preparation for the release of End of Dragons expansion next month. The studio started with Gates of Maguuma and Entanglement late last month, followed by The Dragon’s Reach Part 1 and Part 2 last week.

This week, the studio has made Echoes of the Past and Tangled Paths available for free for a limited time.

Echoes of the Past

Travel to the Silverwastes, where the Pact is staging an assault near Mordremoth’s domain. The dragon’s minions are capable of executing strategy, which suggests their master can, too. But to what ends?

Tangled Paths

Follow the Zephyrite masters deep into the Silverwastes, where their mission to protect Glint’s legacy is at dire risk. As choking vines turn an escape route into a deadly labyrinth, the dragon’s minions begin their hunt.

As with previous free episodes, these can be claimed from the in-game mailbox or bought from the story journal for 0 gems. New meta-achievements will also be available to complete for each episode alongside previously existing achievements. Complete the meta-achievements to progress through the Seasons of the Dragons achievement to earn legendary rewards.

More information can be found on the Guild Wars 2 official site.