Declutter Your Guild Wars 2 Inventory With The New Rune And Sigil System

guild wars 2 rune sigilAre runes and sigils crowding your inventory in Guild Wars 2? Don’t know what to do with them? Well, ArenaNet is introducing a new feature that you can use to de-clutter your overflowing inventory with next week’s update.

“Runes and sigils are becoming salvageable. That’s right, no more minor runes and sigils clogging up your bag space!

When runes and sigils are salvaged, they’ll yield a new material called a lucent mote. You’ll also have a chance to salvage rarer materials: symbols from sigils, and charms from runes. Lucent motes can be refined by all crafting disciplines and—along with symbols and charms—used in recipes to create sigils and runes.”

The update will also revamp the current Rune and Sigil system to, according to the devs, “[create] more meaningful choices from a bunch of interesting options.” Some changes may be subtle while others might be more dramatic. You can check out the full list of changes on the Guild Wars 2 official site. The update rolls out on November 13 along with the start of Season 14 of PvP League.