Guild Wars 2 Welcome Back Program Now On Its Fourth Week, Get Your Free Episode Now

guild wars 2 welcome back fourthThe Guild Wars 2 “Welcome Back to Tyria” event is almost winding down to a close. The program is now on its fourth week which means that there’s a new Living World Episode available for free in the Gem Store. And, like the previous weeks, players can also look forward to discounts and a week full of livestreams.

“If you haven’t visited Tyria for a while, welcome back! It can be overwhelming to start catching up, or to know what you’ve missed—so to help you get up to speed on Living World Season 4, we’ve got livestreams, guides, and free or discounted items in the Gem Store, focusing on one episode per week. This week we’re tackling the fourth episode of the season, A Star to Guide Us.”

Again, we’d like to remind players making their way back to Tyria that they’ll need Path of Fire to actually play these free episodes. All or Nothing, the fifth episode of the Living World Season 4 is also available for free in the Gem Store so you might want to pick that up as well.

You' can check out the A Star to Guide Us trailer after the jump. You can also head over to the Guild Wars 2 official site for more info.