Next Guild Wars 2 Living World Episode Will Come Out Next Year; Wintersday Now In Full Swing

guild wars 2 wintersday snowmenArenaNet has officially confirmed that the next episode of Guild Wars 2 Living World will not be rolling out this year to make way for Wintersday celebration and to give the dev team time to enjoy the holidays. Game Director Mike Zadorojny made the announcement in a recent post on the game’s official forums.

“As some of you already have put together, Episode 5 will not be released this year. As the episode was coming together and we started to plot out its release, we had to make a tough call regarding its ship date, for reasons that have to do both with other in-game content and with the way we treat our teams. As the calendar year winds down, we want to enjoy the revelry of the Wintersday holiday with you while also ensuring that team members can spend the holidays relaxing with their family and friends. We'll soon be able to share details of what is to come, so stay tuned.”

Don’t worry, the annual Wintersday event has lots of fun Christmas-themed content to keep you occupied until Episode 5 finally goes live. These include a new 10-player instance called “Secret Lair of the Snowmen, where you’ll have a chance of acquiring Wintergreen-themed weapons and other seasonal rewards. There’s also ice castle-themed decorations for your guild hall, candy cane weapons, new minipets, and Wintersday gift boxes.

Head over to the Guild Wars official site to learn more.