Gungho Online Entertainment Launches Mobile Card-Based Battle Game Chrono MA:GIA

Japanese game developer GungHo Online Entertainment, the company best known for Puzzle & Dragons, launched a new mobile card based battle game this week titled Chrono MA:GIA (available here). In fact, Chrono MA:GIA was designed by Daisuke Yamamoto, the same guy behind Puzzle & Dragons. Besides simply building 20 card decks, players have customizable Magia skills they can use to effect gameplay which are based on what creatures are currently on the board. Learn more about the game's core mechanics here.

To celebrate the launch of the game, players who log in will receive an extra daily login bonus of 50G, which can be used to purchase card packs. Players can also obtain free card packs every day simply by scanning a QR code. Literally any QR code. This "feature" is available once every 24 hours.