Half-Demon Seth Comes To Closers Next Month, Catch A Glimpse Of Her In Action

closers seth bannerSeth, the final member of the UNION Wildhüter team will be making her way to Closers along with her massive demon claws in less than a month. En Masse Entertainment has just released a number of screenshots, courtesy of MassivelyOP, to give fans a glimpse of just exactly what the feisty demon girl can do.

“Seth is what happens when a bright young girl named Anna becomes imbued with the ferocious primal power of the demon Sekhmet,” says En Masse. She and her deadly claws will be making her way to the ARPG on September 10th. There’s a Seth pre-creation event kicking off next week on August 27th if you want to create one ahead of time. Knowing En Masse, there’s probably some sort of reward for creating your toon during the event. We’ll let you know as soon as the studio reveals the full details.

Meanwhile, check out the images and gifs below for a glimpse of Seth in action.

closers seth white coat closers seth union claws closer seth dark

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