Hearthstone Announces Next Expansion: Rise of Shadows - Launches April 9

Hearthstone announced its latest expansion today titled 'Rise of Shadows' which is launching on April 9th and includes 135 new cards, a new solo adventure, a new keyword (Twinspell), and more. As always, Hearthstone is also giving away a free legendary card to anyone who logs in during pre-release (April 5th).


  • EVERY HENCHMAN NEEDS A LACKEY The League of E.V.I.L. needs all the help they can get!
    • Lackeys provide the muscle to get things done for the League of E.V.I.L.’s members.
      • Heistbaron Togwaggle’s henchman is the Rogue minion EVIL Miscreant, which adds two random Lackeys to the player’s hand when Comboed.
    • There are five Lackeys in Rise of Shadows, 1/1 minions with helpful Battlecries.
      • For example, Kobold Lackey’s Battlecry deals 2 damage to a target.
  • PLAN FOR SUCCESS – Schemes are Spells that grow in power each turn they’re held in hand.
    • Hagatha's Scheme deals 1 damage to all minions to start, but gains damage every turn it’s held in hand. Wait until just the right moment to spring the trap!
  • CALLBACK CARDS Our villains have been around for a long time, so some of their cards may feel a bit . . . familiar. The Priest Spell Forbidden Words, which spends all the player’s mana to destroy a minion with that much attack or less, is a callback to Forbidden Shaping from Whispers of the Old Gods.
  • TWICE THE TRICKERY – Cause double trouble for your opponent by using Spells with the new Twinspell keyword! When cast, Spells with Twinspell add a copy of themselves to the caster’s hand.
    • The Forest's Aid is a Druid Twinspell that summons five 2/2 Treants and adds a copy of the spell to the player’s hand, ready to summon a new army of Treants to defend the magical city.

As always, players can pre-purchase Rise of Shadows card packs in 2 bundles: a 50 pack bundle and an 80 pack bundle for $49.99 and $79.99. Each bundle can only be purchased one per account.