Hearthstone Devs Will Bring The Nerf Hammer Down With The Next Update

hearthstone goblin pink girlCCGs are complex games that constantly need to be tweaked and balanced to ensure that everyone is on a level playing field and to keep things dynamic and interesting. Blizzard Entertainment’s online CCG Hearthstone is due for another round of balance changes when the next update comes around.

The devs are planning on nerfing certain cards and increasing the mana cost of a few others. Dark Pact will restore 4 health instead of 8, Crystal Core will make your minions 4/4 instead of 5/5, while Call to Arms, Possessed Lackey, Spiteful Summoner, and Naga Sea Witch will all have their mana costs increased. It Naga Sea Witch’s will cost 8 mana to play, an increase of 3 whopping mana points.

“We think Hearthstone is better all around when interactions are consistent, and we like the fact that a Naga Sea Witch giants deck archetype exists. That said, we also understand that, with its current functionality, this deck can generate early board states that are unreasonable for most classes to deal with. By increasing the cost of Naga Sea Witch to 8 mana, the deck’s concept remains intact, but the combo is delayed until later in a match when more decks are likely to have the tools to handle the arrival of so many giants.”

According to Blizzard, the update is planned for release “some time after the HCT playoffs” which, if all goes according to schedule, will be in July. You can head over to the Hearthstone official site for more info.