Heavensturn And All Saint’s Wake Kicks Off Next Month In Final Fantasy XIV

final fantasy xiv heavensturn year of the tiger banner

Now that Christmas is over and done, Final Fantasy XIV players are now gearing up to celebrate the arrival of a new year with the return of the annual Heavensturn event. Because of the delay in Endwalker’s release, Heavensturn will be starting a bit later this year and will be kicking off on January 5th instead of December 31st, although decorations should be up by then.

Aside from the change of date, this year’s event will feature the usual lineup of activities and the traditional animal-themed Kabuto helmet reward. Since 2022 will mark the start of the Year of the Water Tiger, players can expect to see Tiger-themed rewards up for grabs, including a Gold-Lacquered Tiger Helmet, a Silver-Lacquered Tiger Helmet, and a White Tiger screen for their houses.

If you’ll also remember, Heavensturn isn’t the only in-game event delayed this year. The All Saint’s Wake event is also set to begin sometime next month due to adjustments in the game’s event calendar, which means that you’ll get to celebrate both New Year and Halloween in the same month. Yay!

Head over to the Final Fantasy XIV official site for more info.


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