Help The Hearthstone League Of E.V.I.L. Accomplish Their Grand Plan In The Dalaran Heist

hearthstone dalaran heist high upWho run the world? The League of E.V.I.L. that’s who. The baddies will be running the show in the Hearthstone Rise of Shadows expansion which goes live on May 16th. The expansion brings with it the largest single-player campaign in the game to date, The Dalaran Heist.

“In Rise of Shadows™, Arch-Villain Rafaam assembled a team of miscreants and villains to pull off the most audacious caper in Azeroth’s history. In this five-chapter heist, they’re fanning out across Dalaran to plunder the city’s riches and sow chaos in the streets, ahead of their ultimate goal. . . . Step into the shoes of nine unique anti-heroes to help Rafaam do the unthinkable: steal the floating city of Dalaran—yes, the entire city!”

Each chapter in the new campaign will be played using different members of the League of E.V.I.L., with each chapter featuring unique experiences, puzzles, a final boss, and a “special twist” to the standard game mechanics.

The Dalaran Heist also introduces a host of new features into the game’s Solo Adventure Mode. The new Loadout System allows players to customize their playstyle with a variety of Hero Powers and starting decks which can be unlocked by completing mini-quests. Non-combat Tavern Encounters are deck-building encounters that occur at every run and allow players to tweak their decks in the middle of a chapter.

Upon completing all five chapters, players will unlock the new Anomaly Mode where players can jump in and play matches with random changes and twists to the rules. Mission Designer Giovanni Scarpati talks about these and more in the video below.