Here's What Albion Online's Developers Have Been Up To

We're now just two months away from the official release of Albion Online, which means that we're closing in on some of the final changes that will be made to the game prior to release. To recap some of these changes, developer Sandbox Interactive put out a new video detailing some of what they've been working on.

The full 14 minute video can be found below, but here are some of the highlights.

  • Sandbox felt that there wasn't quite enough happening in the Outlands, so they removed all of the area's cities and harbors that "weren't providing enough crafted goods for smaller guilds." They are being replaced by one central hub.
  • A "central portal" is being put "in the middle of Caerleon." It will be used to teleport to "anywhere in the Outlands" at no cost, but players will be bound to the gate they choose "for a period based on the difficulty and location of said door."
  • A new feature that is currently in testing will allow "smaller groups" to detect groups of ten or more players, giving them the option to avoid fights that they will almost definitely lose.
  • The Outlands' rewards are being increased in hopes that players will go there more often. The Outlands will soon be home to the highest rate of enchanted resources.
  • "Watchtower territories" will soon be the only place that Tier 8 resources can be obtained. These territories "can be raided by outsiders."

You can find more information about what Albion Online's developers have been working on in the video embedded below.