HeroWarz Is Going Offline Temporarily Starting March 26


HeroWarz is one of those rare games that the whole MMOs.com crew enjoyed on some level. That's why it saddens me to bring you today's news: HeroWarz will be going offline indefinitely on March 26th. It's not quite time for concern, as the game will only be offline temporarily, but it doesn't appear to be the greatest sign, as the game launched a mere six months ago.

The announcement explains the reasons behind the temporary closure as follows.

However… It is with an unwavering sense of pride that we announce that in order for HeroWarz to become the game that we feel it needs to be, to make every change to every aspect of the game needed, such a task requires our direct and absolute, unyielding attention. In order to truly capture and immerse our players in the RPG centric story in the best way possible – updating Characters to be truly balanced and make known all of the unique abilities they all bring to the game, building upon and improving the way players interface with the game, and of course PvP and so much more – we have no other choice but to take HeroWarz offline.

When I sat down with KOG Games' GM Moshup for a tour of HeroWarz last year, he had noted that the global version of HeroWarz was intended to have a number of differences from its Korean counterpart. Developer A.Storm had at one time allegedly presented KOG with a design document featuring 32 pages worth of changes. The game's PvP mode, which has yet to be made available in the global version of the game, was practically being completely redesigned from the ground up. I imagine that, despite their best efforts, A.Storm and KOG Games realized that the game simply wasn't where they wanted it to be when it originally went live.

In the time leading up to the game's temporary closure, players will be able to benefit from 2x bonus EXP and drop rates, as well as increased Diver Code and Worder/Epic drop rates. "Major Character balance changes" are also said to have gone live today.

While the global version of HeroWarz will be going offline on March 26th, as a completely different product, the Korean version will be unaffected by its downtime. Furthermore, we do not yet have a timeframe for when the game might return.

Thanks to Milk for the tip.

  • i was so hyped for this game... but when i tryed open beta it felt soo 'half finished' or more like open alpha test compered to korean version (i also play there alot) idk what kog games did but it didnt felt same like game i played on kr server....

  • chaoscauser

    This is disappointing news, I hope in the time it's down they remove the stupid web launching and optimise the game better... That's the turn off for most people I know and myself playing it more.

  • Odd that the KR version is much more developed... you'd think all that stuff would be localized and launched on the Western version too.... At least people can play the KR one in the meanwhile!