Hex: Shards of Fate Drops Gameforge, Decides To Self-Publish

HEX: Shards of Fate has dropped Gameforge as their publisher and decided to self-publish their self-described "MMOTCG." Why the couple are parting ways isn't entirely clear. Sometimes, thing just don't work out. Cryptozoic Entertainment's CEO Cory Jones took to Steam to reassure players that the change should not cause worry and nothing foundational in HEX will change:

Let me make it clear that HEX is healthy, and we are carefully managing our resources to maximize our success. Running the game intelligently will allow us, with your support, to continue indefinitely. Not many people know this—and I haven’t really made it public—but to date HEX has had over $25 million spent on development. Yes, $25 MILLION! I know, it’s crazy, and I certainly had no idea when I started out that making a game like HEX would be so unbelievably expensive. As it turns out, one of the reasons there are no other great fully-featured digital TCGs out there is because it’s INCREDIBLY difficult and costly.

HEX: Shards of Fate has apparently done quite well for itself. Though SteamCharts numbers are not huge as of this time. It has, according to Jones, been succesful though we don't know the development costs. Jones did also announced that cosmetics will be coming to the game, as a means to continue funding development and fund tournaments. 

Overall, I am VERY happy to be publishing HEX. We have some very big plans moving forward and, as HEX continues to grow (the game has gradually grown EVERY month), we will have some great opportunities to be bigger and better than ever. I want to thank you for continuing to support HEX. We love your passion and know that without you we wouldn’t have the chance to spend every day making the game we always dreamed of.

Best of luck Hex.