High Treason Is A New Low Fantasy Permadeath Optional MMORPG Coming Soon To Steam

high treason medieval portcullis bannerCalling all hardcore PvP fans, this one’s for you. A new PvP-focused MMORPG called High Treason has just appeared on Steam courtesy of indie developer Treason Corp.

“High Treason is a massively multiplayer online PvP game set in a low fantasy medieval world. Create and level up your character by completing tasks such as hunting down player targets, completing quests, and looting towns, caves, and dungeons.”

Aside from leveling up your character, the game also features a unique item progression system. Equipping certain weapons will embue players with a variety of combat skills. Shields will allow players to use Charge, daggers grant Shadowstep, and greathammers come with Slam, among others. Skill effectiveness and strength is influenced by the item’s quality which can be refined and improved by completing certain tasks. Depending on the item these tasks may involve killing monsters, polishing it with wolf pet, or sharpening it with a grinding stone.

Players will also have the option to create a character in hardcore mode. This mode will have permadeath enabled and will also feature a leaderboard listing the longest surviving players.

We’re still waiting on a definite release date, but you can now Wishlist the game on Steam. Check out the High Treason Steam Store Page for more info.