Hood: Outlaws And Legends Talks About Update 1.4, A Possible PvE Mode, And Future Changes

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In a new dev vlog released last weekend, Sumo Digital talked about their future plans for Hood: Outlaws and Legends as well as the newly-added features and improvements that are now live as part of Update 1.4.

The latest update for the PvPvE heist game introduces a number of quality-of-life changes and improvements, including the removal of visible player ranks from the lobby. According to the devs, seeing other players’ ranks in the matchmaking lobby gave players a false sense that they were facing tougher opponents. In addition, players are now automatically moved to the hideout after a match so they can change up their gear and cosmetics without having to leave the lobby and re-enter the matchmaking queue.

The update also makes a few adjustments to combat, including making assassinations interruptible and allowing players to dodge or block even when stunned or staggered. The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

The team also talked about new features coming to the game in the future, starting with the new Mountain map in mid-June. The developers are also planning to add a new PvE mode with significantly tougher guards and mechanics that require players to bring a downed players talisman to a certain location before they can respawn. These new mechanics might also be implemented in PvP modes depending on the community’s reception.

Lastly, the developers also promised significant balance changes to abilities and perks, hitboxes, and targeting, as well as a new character and a battle pass system sometime in the future.

You'll find the full dev vlog below.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends - DEV VLOG #2 - Update 1.4 and Beyond

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