Ice Cold Bai Joins Closers On April 23rd, Watch Her Backstory Trailer Now

closers bai blue pillarA new psychic warrior will be joining the fray as the cool Cryomancer Bai Winchester makes her Closers debut on April 23rd. Bai uses her ice blade and powerful ice-based attacks to take down her enemies. Information about the newest Wildhuter member will be unlocked over the next couple of weeks.

Players will be able to create a new Bai character and reserve her name on April 9th. Players can also look forward to freebies and events when Bai officially joins the game. In the meantime, En Masse Entertainment and Naddic Games has just released a backstory trailer for Bai to keep you occupied. You can check it out after the jump. You can also head over to the Closers official site to learn more.