Indie Developer Mantisco Announces ARPG Battle Royale Hybrid - Hunter’s Arena: Legends

hunters arena hunter groupIndependent Korean developer Mantisco has just announced a new ARPG Battle Royale hybrid game called Hunter’s Arena: Legends in a press release earlier today. Hunter’s Arena promises a unique PvPvE experience featuring fast-paced melee combat, action RPG elements, and a unique PvE-centric progression combined with the adrenaline-pumping action of a Battle Royale game.

“Hunter’s Arena’s main mode is RPG Royale where 50 players participate in an epic hunt showdown on a shrinking battlefield filled with dangerous monsters. Hunters need to kill mobs, level up, upgrade their skills and find deadly loot - with the single purpose of becoming the last man standing.”

Players can choose from one of 10 playable characters and can either play solo or in three-man squads as they take on hundreds of monster types, bosses, in-game dungeons, and other players. The game is scheduled to launch into Early Access on the PC in Q3 2019.

Check out what Hunter’s Arena: Legends has to offer in the gameplay trailer below.