Islet Online Headed To Early Access "Soon"


Islet Online is a voxel-based sandbox MMORPG made by Korean indie company, Morenori. It was originally posted to Greenlight last October 9th before being greenlit on the 19th. A demo version of the game was open from October 17th to November 16th. Now, nearly three months after the demo servers were closed, it is coming to Early Access.

Islet Online features a bright, colorful art style, chibi anime characters, and all of the familiar trappings of the voxel-based sandbox genre. It aims to set itself apart by providing a skill system that allows players to level skills with use and a deep ecosystem that, for example, has rabbits that eat grass and flowers and foxes that eat the rabbits. Animals can even suffer sleep deprivation and starvation if pushed too hard.

No details have been revealed regarding the release date other than "soon." Similarly, the price has not yet been announced.