Kickstarted PvP MMORPG Crowfall Officially Launches On PC

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After over six years in development, millions of dollars in pledges, and multiple delays, Crowfall has finally launched on PC.

ArtCraft Entertainment first announced the PvP MMORPG/RTS “Throne War Simulator” in January 2015, which was followed by an $800,000 Kickstarter campaign in March of the same year. The campaign ended with a total of $1,766,205 in funding. The studio also managed to secure additional funding from investors and pledges on the official site.

“Gamers looking for a new take on player vs. player (PvP) battles will be right at home in Crowfall with an innovative design that thrusts them into constantly changing campaign worlds, each one with different maps, politics and rule-sets.”

“Crowfall represents a new frontier of online gaming,” said Creative Director J. Todd Coleman. “It was designed to be a constantly changing, dynamic feudal world. The story of Crowfall will be written by the players. They will claim territory, build massive fortifications, lay siege to their neighbors, forge alliances and topple empires. Their deeds will become the history of this world.”

The launch itself went by without a hitch although the team is still monitoring the servers to make sure that everything is in check. “I think the immediate goals after launch are going to revolve around scale,” Coleman told Twinfinite. “We have a fun game, and we know it works. Beta doesn’t provide you the sheer numbers that you need, though, to find out where the rivets are going to pop under extreme pressure. This touches everything: the registration and install process, the new user experience, server scalability, economy balance, distributing player load… everything.”

As for the Crowfall’s business model, ArtCraft had always planned to release the game as buy-to-play with an optional monthly VIP subscription. The basic pack, which includes access to the game and the official forums, will set you back $39.99. VIP status is available at 1, 3, 6, and 12 month increments starting at $14.99 for one month. Players can also purchase various cosmetic items, land parcels, buildings, and decorations using Crowns, the game’s premium currency.

Check out the official launch trailer below.

Crowfall - Glory, Wealth and Power - Launch Trailer


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