Landmark Is Finally Launching On June 10th


The day is finally within reach. It felt as if Landmark might be in Early Access forever, but, two years after its initial Early Access launch, it will finally be launching on June 10th. Daybreak rallied these past few months and, with any luck, the game is ready for its impending launch.

Founder's Packs will be available until June 6th at 10 AM PDT. After that, they will be removed from sale and you will not be able to purchase the game until it launches on June 10th. The launch price will be $9.99.

Trailblazer Founders will get access to the game two days early on June 8th at 10 AM PDT. They can also get their names in the Landmark credits, but must approve the addition by June 30th at 11:59 PDT.