League Of Legends Unveils Vex As The MOBA’s Next Champion

league of legends vex gloomy mage key art banner

League of Legends will be getting a gloomy addition to its huge roster of champions with the official unveiling of Vex, the Gloomy Mage. Vex will be the popular MOBA’s 157th champion and will be making her game debut with Patch 11.19 which will be coming out on September 23rd.

Vex made her first in-game appearance as part of the currently-running Sentinels of Light event. She is a member of the cute and fuzzy race known as Yordles but goes against the grain with her emo gothic appearance and personality. She took a liking to Viego, the Ruined King, helping him amplify his control of the Black Mist to spread gloominess across Runeterra.

Her powerful burst abilities can be setup from long range which, coupled with her ability to use her shadow to increase her movement speed, makes her well-suited for initiating ganks and clashes.

You can watch the emo Yordle mage in action just after the break. Meanwhile, fans of the in-game heavy metal band called Pentakill are invited to a virtual concert on September 8th at 4pm to celebrate the band’s third album release – Lost Chapter. Details on how to watch and participate in the interactive concert can be found here.

Vex: The Gloomist | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

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