Legend Of Ares Coming To Steam On March 24th

Legend of Ares, originally released in 2006, is making its way to Steam on March 24, 2017. I never get tired of sharing old MMORPGs trying for a second wind through Valve's platform. The game features the God of War, Ares (go figure, right?), and players choose between one of two factions and four playable classes.

Whether or not it holds a playerbase on Steam is less certain than its features.

NetGame discontinued the Western version of Legend of Ares back in 2009. But the Necromancer publishing company RedFox Games relaunched the game on July 25, 2016. And you can go play it through them right now. Or wait until the game releases on Steam.

Why it relaunched? I don't know. Legend of Ares did remain popular enough in Korea, but its Western playerbase struggled to maintain.

We have a First Look that you can take a peak at below, so you know what you're getting itself into: an older MMORPG experience.