Asymmetric Team-Based Shooter Lightphobe Launches Into Steam Early Access

lightphobe light source explosion banner

Lightphobe is a new asymmetrical team-based shooter that just launched into early access on Steam from one-man indie developer Mutant Realm Entertainment. The game features classic domination-style mechanics that pits two teams of eight players against each other, with one team taking on the role of heavily armed soldiers and the other as otherworldly creatures called Lightphobes.

“A soldier must protect the target from the oncoming hordes of monsters,” the studio explains. They’ll be able to choose from five distinct weapon types, each corresponding to a different combat role. Lightphobes, on the other hand, are limited to melee attacks but are invincible outside of the special light source that soldiers must employ to be able to kill them.

“The overall gameplay in Lightphobe blends match-based shooters and zombie shooter games in a classic point capture mode setting; where both teams must race to capture an objective point,” says Mutant Realm. “Each team has its own strengths and weaknesses, you’ll not only have to master your abilities, but also learn how to work as a team in order to endure and emerge victorious.”

Lightphobe is now available on Steam for $5.99 and is expected to remain in early access for a year. You can check out the official early access trailer below for a glimpse of what the game has to offer.

Lightphobe - Early Access Trailer