Lineage 2: Revolution Introduces New Agathion System (Pet system)

Lineage 2: Revolution released a major update today which introduced the Agathion system to the game, which simply put, is a pet system. Players can unlock Agathions upon reaching level 15, and while they don't participate in combat themselves, Agathions boost player stats. Besides the new Agathion system, today's update also introduces a new field boss named Marlox as well as a new territory named Schuttgart for players to explore.

The Agathion System offers equipable pets that follow the heroes, along with mounts and summons. Agathions are unlocked at Lv. 15 and do not participate in combat. However, they have substats that help to strengthen hero characters. Agathion substats range from P. Atk. / M. Atk., Max HP/MP, Penetrate, Resilient, Crit. Rate, Critical Resistance, Accuracy and Evasion, which can all be obtained from most equipment and soul crystals. The main difference is that Agathions have a set substat, so players cannot adjust these values, but can only increase and strengthen their Grade. For strengthening Agathion substats, players will use the Agathion Menu’s Strengthening tab for a cost of 30,000 Adena or 300 Red Diamonds to increase the selected substat.

Grade Strengthening is only possible when the newly obtained Agathion Soul’s Grade is higher than the Agathion players already own. In this case, the lower grade Agathion can be overwritten with a higher grade, while the existing lower grade will be returned as Agathion Souls to be used in Agathion combination.

Agathions are sealed by grade and can be summoned by collecting Agathion Souls, which can be acquired in the Scarlet Libra Shop and the Bundle Shop.

Available Agathions include:

  • Little Demon
  • Little Angel
  • Royal Hamstar
  • Jiangshi

Agathions will also utilize specialized pieces of equipment that only Agathions may equip called Charms, and feature exclusive Charm slots ranging from one to six. The obtained Charm’s name and number must match to equip, adding a fun challenge for players. Charms will have fixed substats depending on the slot, but the value may change. When using auto-equip, Charms with higher substat values will automatically replace the existing Charm, which then disappear so players will have to take caution when auto-equipping.

The Agathion System will also utilize a series of combinations to create more powerful results. Higher grade Agathions and Charms can be obtained by combining if a player owns three or more of the same grade. Combinations cannot fail and over time, players can obtain all Agathions and Charms. Grade SR Rare Agathions can only be obtained by combining Grade SR or Grade SR Rare Agathions. It’s important to remember that a Charm of the same number must be used as material.