Lineage 2: Revolution Introduces New Orc Race In Today’s Update

lineage 2: revolution orc updateMobile fantasy MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution has just received a massive content drop today which introduces a new playable race into the game, the mighty Orcs.

“Playable Orcs have been added to Lineage 2: Revolution with their own unique class mechanics that separate them from the existing races in the game. Players can choose from three different Orc classes including Orc Raider (Warrior), Orc Monk (Rogue) and Orc Shaman (Mage). Orc players will have a new starting location – The Southern Immortal Plateau, begin at level 180 with 500,000 Combat Power and will be rewarded a set of SR grade weapon, armor, and accessory. Orcs will use different weapons from the four existing races including Orc-exclusive claws, two-handed swords and wands. With the new Orc race, new Orc-exclusive quests and fields have also been added.”

The update also includes the new Avento territory with three new regions, a 320 level cap, quest expansions, new monsters, and new monster cores. The Tower of Insolence will also be expanded up to Floor 145. The second part of the Second Class Transfer feature has also been added into the game, bringing with it new skills, new classes, and more content.

You’ll find the official update trailer right down below.