Lord Of The Rings Online Gives Out Extra Fate Of Gundabad Package Rewards Due To A Glitch

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Our Good Samaritan video game company of the week is *drum roll please* Acti… sorry, scratch that… Standing Stone Games. The Lord of the Rings Online developer accidentally gave away extra level 130 boosts and other rewards to Fate of Gundabad expansion owners who upgraded from the Collector’s Edition to the Ultimate Edition.

Instead of removing the extra rewards, Standing Stone decided to just give Ultimate Edition owners extra items as well.

“In order to make sure players who purchased the Ultimate edition get an equal number of these items, we are granting players who purchased an Ultimate edition of Fate of Gundabad directly an additional Valar – 130, Gundabad Delving Supplies (which includes the Gundabad toolkit), and Improved Expedition Supplies,” the studio announced.

The package rewards will automatically be delivered to the first post-Novice character that players log into in a non-Legendary server after updating to the latest build – Update 31.0.2

Aside from giving players extra items, Update 31.0.2 also introduces several changes to Fate of Gundabad quests, zones, items, and PvMP. The Den of Pughlak instance has been reopened while Osgiliath has temporarily been disabled until the PvMP zone can be reworked.

The full update release notes can be found on the Lord of the Rings Online official site.


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