LOTRO Bumps Up Legendary Item Level Cap, Teases Two More Updates This Year

lord of the rings online rise of isengard key art banner

Legendary items are getting a bit of a boost in Lord of the Rings Online as Standing Stone Games raises their level cap from 485 to 490. While it may seem like a small increase, it will undoubtedly be a big help to players looking to take on the new Carn Dûm endgame content.

In addition to the level cap increase, Standing Stone teased three more major updates coming to the game this year. Update 35 was released earlier in the spring, with Update 36 now undergoing testing. Updates 37 and 38 are also on the horizon and are set to introduce players to the city of Umbar, promising new adventures and quests to complete.

Meanwhile, the Buried Treasure event is currently underway, presenting players with exciting challenges and rewards until May 29th. The Shadowfax speedy progression server is also approaching the end of its run and is set to close its doors on May 31st.

Finally, the new official forums have also been updated with a “light” theme option alongside the existing dark theme for those who prefer a brighter look.