Lord Of The Rings Online Reveals Development Plans For Q3 2022

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Today is apparently the day for update and content previews as we get another one from Standing Stone Games. Lord of the Rings Online Producer Oleg Brodskiy outlines the studio’s plans for the game for the third quarter of 2022 in his latest letter from the producer.

Patch 33.1 arrives in late July with a new Further Adventures episode that revolves around Arwen’s brothers, Elladan and Elrohir.

“Soon after Frodo's rescue from the Ford of Bruinen, the scouts of Rivendell venture forth, seeking news on the Enemy and his servants. Lord Elrond has given his sons, Elladan and Elrohir, a secret errand. Join the twins on their journey from Rivendell to the distant land of Lothlórien!”

The Treasures of Bugan event will also be returning to the game at around the same time, followed by the return of Farmer’s Faire in August. Both events will feature small changes and improvements as well as new rewards to earn. Standing Stone also teases a summer surprise along with a few details on Patch 33.2 which will introduce new race-class combinations.

“Starting with 33.2, which is planned for September, we’ll expand which classes are available to more races!” says the studio. “Dwarfs and Stout-axes will now be able to become Captains and Wardens; Elves and High Elves, Burglars; Hobbits, Lore-masters and Champions; and humans, Rune-keepers. If you’ve ever wished you could play as a Dwarf Captain, a Hobbit Lore-master, or any of the new combinations above, you’ll have your chance in September!”

Standing Stone has also announced the upcoming closure of the Anor progression server after nearly four years of operation.

“[On August 31st], we’ll be bidding farewell to our first Legendary World of Anor, encouraging players there to say their goodbyes, remember their journeys and the friendships they made, and prepare to move to a live world with their memories! We’ll be offering free transfers from Anor onto any of the live worlds.”

Treebeard and Shadowfax will still be available though, with the latter heading to Far Anorien and getting a level cap increase to 105 at the end of August. You’ll find the Brodskiy’s full letter from the producer on the Lord of the Rings Online official site.