Lord Of The Rings Online Reveals 2021 Development Roadmap

lord of the rings online sail boat bannerLord of the Rings Online Executive Producer Rob “Severlin” Ciccolini talks about their plans for the game for 2021 in his latest letter to the community.

On top of the list is the new Wildwood area, a stretch of wilderness between Bree-land and Evendim. The new mid-level zone will open its borders alongside the start of the annual Spring Festival, which offers several new things this year, including a new Festivity featuring Grimbeorn and a new 6-player boss: Naruhel the Red Maid.

Shortly after the Wildwood update, Standing Stone will be releasing the “Further Adventures” quest arc that will allow players to play through new stories revolving around various characters in Middle-Earth, the first of which stars Bilbo Baggins himself.

Summer will see the launch of The Blood of Azog update which will revolve around significant events in Durin’s Folk’s history.

“As War of Three Peaks presses on, Durin Stonehelmson prepares to lead the Gabil'akkâ beyond the frozen gates of Mount Gundabad. At the urging of Glóin, Prince Durin sends word to the Lonely Mountain to muster even more Dwarves to Elderslade before the reclamation begins. As you aid in this effort, you'll discover the tale of Hermáth Stormhammer, a hero of the Battle of Azanulbizar. You'll experience important moments in the history of Durin's Folk firsthand, such as the taking of the Oakenshield, the death of Azog, the ever-present danger of Durin's Bane, and more!”

By fall, players will get to see Durin’s plans unfold with the game’s next full expansion, Gundabad. The expansion will conclude The Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves storyline.

And finally, the developers are planning to add The Wastes to the Legendary Servers in April, to be followed by Mordor in August, and possibly the Grey Mountains by the end of the year.

For PvMP fans, Ciccolini says that they already have a designer who will be setting aside time to work on addressing player concerns, specifically PvMP balance. Legendary Items will also be update to speed up leveling and make new regions more appealing to players leveling their Legendary Items.

Lord of the Rings Online will also be celebrating its 14th anniversary in April so we can probably expect to see a lot more events and content coming within the next few weeks or months. As always, we’ll keep you posted.