Lord Of The Rings Online Reveals 2021 Events Schedule

lord of the rings online group bannerIt looks like it’s going to be a busy year for Standing Stone Games if the Lord of the Rings Online 2021 schedule is any indication. The developers will be rolling out a host of content updates this year, including a new class, a Fall expansion, and a long list of in-game events and festivities.

Spring Festival is due to arrive on March 18th followed by the game’s 14th anniversary event on April 21st with minor events and boosts happening in between. Other notable events include the Midsummer Festival, Farmer’s Faire, Baggins’ Birthday, Durin’s Day, and a whole lot more. You can check out the full schedule of 2021 events on the Lord of the Rings official forums.

Speaking of events, the LOTRO community just wrapped-up the Winterstock Concert on the Landroval server. Dozens of player bands performed for other players during the four-day, player-organized event. You can check out the Day 1 performances in the video below courtesy of Druidsfire. The rest can be found here.