Lord Of The Rings Online Begins Second Beta Test For Upcoming PvMP Changes

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Phase two of the big player vs monster play (PvMP) changes coming to Lord of the Rings Online is now live on the Bullroarer test server. The changes will arrive as part of Update 33.1 which will give players access to all the Monster Player characters for free and will revamp monster play mechanics to encourage more players to join the fight in the Ettenmoors.

This week’s Bullroarer update lowers the Free People level requirement to enter the Ettenmoors from Level 40 down to Level 20. Upon entering the instance, players below the level cap will be buffed to Level 140 although they won’t be as strong as true Level 140 characters.

“Free Players entering the Ettenmoors from level 20 through 129 will scale to 140 and have 25 Audacity until level 120, then reduces by 1 rank until level 130 where it reaches 0,” explained the devs.

The latest test build also introduces Audacity adjustments and Audacity Tracks for both Free People and Monster Players along with several bug fixes and the Treasure Bugan mechanic.

“Beginning at level 20, every time you play a scaling instance at around your cap there is a chance for a Treasure Bugan to appear somewhere in the instance. You must defeat the Bugan and reclaim the stolen treasure before it flees. The Bugan will not attack you but will run around trying to evade your attacks.”

The latest Bullroarer release notes can be found on the Lord of the Rings Online official forums.