Lost Ark Devs Tried But Failed To Fix Disconnection Issues, Potential Fix Still In The Works

lost ark fantasy mmorpg bloody axe art banner

Lost Ark has been plagued by disconnection issues over the past few days which Amazon Game Studios sought to fix with a patch last night. Unfortunately, the patch failed to solve the issue and the developers are now back to working on another potential fix.

“The team is aware that our speculative fix did not positively impact the frequency of player disconnects, and is working through next steps to resolve this issue,” Amazon reported. To help with the process, the studio is asking players to submit more screenshots and detailed reports should they get disconnected.

Meanwhile, the developers have also adjusted Pheon amounts following last week’s accidental Pheon grant and exploit. All players have now been awarded 30 Pheon and any excess Pheons that were wrongly given out have now been taken back. The game’s latest update also comes with various bug fixes for incompletable quests and the bug that prevented players from interacting with several items.

As for the disconnection issues, Amazon is still working on a fix and will be updating the community on its progress through this thread.