Lost Ark Publishes First Story In ‘Tales Of Arkesia’ Short Story Series

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Amazon Game Studios is giving Lost Ark fans a chance to read up on the game’s lore as they wait for its western release with the Tales of Arkesia short story collection. Over the next few weeks, the studio will be releasing a series of short stories that will introduce the origin of Tortoyk and the legends that surround the continent.

The first story tells the tale of ancient Giants that once roamed Luterra, a Giant named Tortoyk who eventually became a massive island, and Mokoko people that were born of the Giant’s power.

“Long ago, there was an ancient war with the giants, and their home sank to the bottom of the sea. Not many giants survived, and the few that did went into a long, deep sleep throughout the oceans of Arkesia to preserve their diminishing power. I’ve heard that one of the Giants was named Tortoyk— and he was special, even among giants. He inherited the power to create living beings, and started to produce new creatures. Eventually, as Tortoyk stood still in the ocean, it’s very own body became the home of its creatures, an idyllic island in the sea.

The power of Tortoyk is what created the Mokoko people— the seed you have now. I’ve never met one, but have heard tell that they’re a small, friendly, people who love nature and live on the island to this day. You see, the only place they can be born from these seeds is on the island. Who knows how long the seed has been sitting in the forest, unable to sprout in Luterra.”

The full story is available for your reading pleasure on the Lost Ark official site. Expect more stories to come in the next few weeks. The game itself is slated for release in early 2022 following Amazon’s decision delay its launch to make sure that it’s of the highest quality without putting undue pressure on the development team.

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