Mabinogi Celebrates its 15th Anniversary with Numerous in Game Events

Mabinogi, Nexon's long running free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, is celebrating its 15th anniversary with new quests, mini-games, and rewards. The Starlight Festival event, which started last week, allows players to enjoy the Mabinogi community's accomplishments and partake in numerous activities.

Towns in Erinn are adorned with space-themed decorations, and players can witness shooting stars at night. Participants can also earn various items, including a new outfit set and a pet. The anniversary celebration offers a range of ways for players to engage:

  • 15th Anniversary Hotdays: Players receive a 15th Anniversary Fantasy Star 2nd Title Coupon for logging in, with bonuses for player attributes. Additional Tiny Starbright rewards are given for logging in every week and weekend during the event.
  • 15th Anniversary Quests: Players earn 10,000 EXP and Tiny Starbright x10 for completing the "All Aboard the Friend-Ship 1-4" event quests.
  • Achievement Quest: Party Favors: A daily quest with Tiny Starbright rewards and a new Communicator Gesture Card after 20 completions. Additional event quests offer new cosmetic items.
  • The Fast and the Festive-ous: Daily quest events reward Tiny Starbright x5 and 10,000 EXP.
  • Help Out Neo's Friends: Available after completing the "All Aboard the Friend-Ship 1-4" quests, this daily quest rewards a different Star Card.
  • Claim Victory in a Mini-Game: Play Guess the Gesture or Dice Battle mini-games with Neo.
  • Enter the Stage of Trials: A one-room dungeon with 15 enemy waves, playable three times per day. Earn Combat EXP, Exploration EXP, Music Renown EXP, or Life Renown EXP based on performance.

Players can use earned Tiny Starbright to purchase limited-time stellar offerings, including items, coupons, cards, and boxes. The Spectacular Wings Box also offers a chance to win new cosmetic wings, coats, and animated combat effects.

In celebration of Mabinogi's anniversary, a special lo-fi remix of the classic game track "An Old Story from Grandma" by Feel For Music is available. The anniversary event lasts until April 13th. For more information, visit the official Mabinogi website and follow @MabiOfficial on Twitter for updates.

While Mabinogi is a little over 15 years old now, it still maintains a small, but loyal playerbase. The game averages 359 players online on Steam alone, but likely has many more through Nexon's own launcher.

Official Mabinogi: Fantasy Life Trailer