MapleStory 2 Available on Steam for Headstart, Official Launch Oct 10

MapleStory 2's head-start program began on October 1st for everyone that bought a founders pack and is will be free for everyone on October 10th. The game also made its way to Steam on October 4th and the game's numbers on there are fairly impressive. As of this writing the game hit over 1875 concurrent users, which is impressive because most people hyped for the game bought founders packs directly through Nexon. The 1875+ users on Steam likely represent a small minority of the game's active playerbase.

Given the game's unique emphasis on non-gameplay elements (housing, crafting, mini games, music, etc), I'm optimistic on the game's fortunes in the West. MapleStory 2 seems to be a lot more than a game - it's trying to be a place to hang out.