MapleStory 2 English Will be Announced on April 14th, 2018 (Speculation)

Nexon is hosting its first ever "Maplestory Fest" on April 14th, 2018 in Los Angeles California. The purpose of the event is to celebrate all things MapleStory and to also make do some live Q&A sessions with the game's developers as well as make some "exclusive announcements". This could easily just be an announcement about a new Gatchapon, new upcoming content, or anything else really, but I don't think it is. 2 days before Nexon put up the news about MapleStory fest and its "exclusive announcement" Nexon America posted a job listing for a "QA Tester" who will be responsible for "testing all features, functionality, and localization of the assigned games".

On top of all that, MapleStory Fest is happening shortly after MapleStory 2 launched in China and seems to off to a strong start. On top of that, Nexon confirmed in their last earnings call that they were excited to be launching MapleStory 2 "around the world". If an English version of MapleStory 2 was in the works, Maplestory Fest is the best time to announce it. I suspect we'll hear something then.

In the meanwhile, check out my favorite MapleStory 2 video. It's quite literally the cutest thing ever:

Also check out my the video I made about MapleStory 2 with my brother: