MapleStory 2 Launching in English - Closed Beta Begins May 9th

Update: It's official. MapleStory 2 English closed beta begins on May 9th, 2018! Sign up on the official website here! CBT is running from May 9th - May 16th. Signups are open until May 6th.

MapleStory 2 is all but confirmed after various internet sleuths dug up Nexon's newest social media accounts. Nexon already set up a page for MapleStory 2 on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch. An official announcement though is expected to come later today during MapleFest, which can be viewed on Twitch:

I'm personally quite excited to play MapleStory 2 in English. I think the game actually has a lot of potential in the West. It combines actiony gameplay with persistent world housing, item collecting, mini games, quality emotes, and a whole lot more. Expect another news post when the official announcement happens later today.

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        Yeah i am on many sites.

  • metalsnake27

    From somebody who explained to me why this game failed in South Korea

    "It failed in Korea because it was a dating game and most maplestory players didn't want to transfer to maplestory 2 due to the money invested in it. " and the fact that the game was just not putting out new content at a stable rate, and so most MS2 players went back to MS1.

    Hopefully it'll see some better light over in the West, but my hopes aren't super high.

    • chaoscauser

      lol it's a different market. MS1 is super popular in Korea.. it's like there social network. Where in the "west" MS1 is totally dead in comparison . MS2 will have a bigger audience over here.

    • Index

      People in the west are more casual. A lot of people only pay for fun, and this game is super fun. It will get fucked by cash shop though.

    • ivan_

      Yeah according to a korean streamer I had a chat with (he spoke English), he said that MS2 is basically dead in Korea because it just isn't maple story, it should've been its own standalone game. Even his friends who invested money in MS2 have abandoned it. That being said, MS1 is also pretty dead in Korea (it's old and is being carried by die-hard fans), but it's not as dead as MS2...

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      err.. plenty of other people thought this Spadow datamined stuff ect.

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        errrrr ok? cool?

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          You are acting like he discovered it.