MapleStory 2 Gameplay - Grindfest Friday

MapleStory 2 Grindfest Friday MapleStory 2 grindfest Friday video with Omer and Erhan. We finally get our English patches working and decided to play some MS2 together. Erhan has never seen the game so I wanted to show him what it's all about. Unfortunately the game still doesn't have an official Western release. MS2 is a unique game that mixes [...]

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MapleStory 2 Gameplay First Look

MapleStory 2 Gameplay First Look by Omer MapleStory 2 is a free to play fantasy MMORPG from Nexon KR and is the sequel to the the original MapleStory. As of this video, MapleStory 2 is only available in South Korea, and players need verified Nexon KR accounts to play it. I created a character and showed off some of the [...]

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MapleStory 2 Starts Over

Perhaps one of the best indicators that your game isn't doing as well as you expected is the moment that you decide to call an update "Restart," as Nexon decided to do with MapleStory 2's latest update. The update "reorganizes" much of the game's core content, including making dungeons easier, reorganizing the questing experience, and making features like housing and mining [...]

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