MapleStory 2 Developers Vow to Work With Players to Gather Feedback and Address Issues

MapleStory 2 just launched its Skybound Expansion phase 2 earlier this month, but the game still has several serious issues and the game's developers are looking to work directly with the community to solve them. Going forward MapleStory 2 will launch a 3 month project where developers will try to better communicate with players and incorporate their feedback. The process [...]

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MapleStory 2 Head Honcho Looks Back At 2018, New Expansion Planned For Summer 2019

maplestory 2 soulbinder

MapleStory 2 is closing out 2018 strong with a highly-successful October launch and the Skybound expansion release just a few weeks ago. The head honcho himself, Nexon America Head Jungsoo Lee, looks back at the past year and shares their plans for the beloved fantasy MMORPG in a recently published producer’s blog. “Both the development studio and MapleStory 2 team [...]

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MapleStory 2's Skybound Expansion Now Live

The previously announced expansion for MapleStory 2, titled Skybound, is officially live. It introduces a whole host of new content to the game but the most important is the new Soul Binder class (a hybrid mage and healer type class), the new Sky Fortress zone, new Normal Chaos Raids, and the new 1v1 Maple PvP Arena. The game’s new Soul [...]

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MapleStory 2 Soon To Get Endgame Revamp Says Nexon America General Manager

maplestory 2 classes

Tweaking, balancing, and re-balancing gear is a seemingly never-ending process for MMORPGs especially for newly released games like MapleStory 2. It’s barely been two months since the game was released in October and players are just starting to reach the endgame and acquire endgame gear. The developers, however, have spotted a few problems with the current endgame system and are [...]

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