Medieval Tactical MMO Conqueror’s Blade Marches Into Open Beta

conquerors blade warlords’s free-to-play medieval tactical MMO has officially soft-launched into Open Beta. Aspiring warlords can now start their journey towards honor, glory, and total domination as they fight for control of territories using armies made up of history’s most formidable military units.

“A vast untamed medieval landscape awaits, as players create their own unique warlords from 10 diverse classes and head out to remold it in their image. Along the way, they will need to raise a powerful army, outthink their opponents during the territory wars and climb to the leaderboards if they hope to grow their lone campaign into a legacy.”

The game’s soft launch also comes with two new territories for both old and new players to enjoy – Ungverija and Liangyun. Head over to the Conqueror’s Blade official site to register for a free account and to learn more about the game. You can also check out the introduction trailer below for a preview of the game’s features.