Metal Assault Is Making A Comeback


GNISoft's Metal Slug-esque MMO Metal Assault—also known as Giga Slave—has been launched in the West before. Aeria Games launched the title's initial English service on April 14, 2011 before shutting it down a year later on March 31st, 2012. It disappeared for a while before relaunching as Giga Slave Reloaded in Japan on December 22, 2015. Now, the revitalized action MMO is coming back to the West.

The exact details of Metal Assault's relaunch are currently scarce. What we do know is that IDC/Games are relaunching the game in Europe and that more details will be revealed later this week. In the meantime, you can see the "launch trailer" they posted yesterday below.

There is also a Metal Assault websitesee also—that has shown up bearing the WarpPortal name and a 2016 copyright date. My current assumption is that Gravity Interactive will be running the North American service through their WarpPortal gaming portal. No details have been revealed yet, unfortunately.