Mir 4 Announces Seoul Spooning 2022 - DRACO Currency Evolving with New DeFi / GamFi Features

Mir 4, the first major 'play to earn' cryptocurrency powered MMORPG, announced 'Seoul Spooning 2022' which is a roadmap for the evolution of DRACO (Mir 4's play to earn crypto). The goal is to expand DRACO's used in the decentralized finance / game finance universe with additional features (like staking and a new token called HYDRA).

Seoul Spooning 2022 is an enactment to evolve the functionality of DRACO into the GameFi space.

The 1st major part of 'Seoul Spooning 2022' is set to launch on January 25, 2022 which is a major patch for Mir 4 that will add the 'Sanctuary of Hydra', a new progressive conquest area to the game. Players will be able to obtain a new rare resource called 'Septaria' from this area which can be combined with 20 units of Draco and a variable refining fee to create a new HYDRA crypto token. This new HYDRA token can be used to earn staking rewards and other forms of utility with the staking program launching on February 7th, 2022. Later in February players will be able to use their HYDRA to bid on live auctions for 'amazing prizes'.

If all of this sounds a bit convoluted to you, that's because it's made that way by design. Mir 4's developers are trying to make their play-to-earn cryptocurrency DRACO more valuable by adding more features. The more players 'stake' their tokens, the less tokens will be sold on the market, which should in theory keep prices elevated, which should in theory bring more players to the game to try and earn DRACO to sell for a profit.

Ultimately the cryptocurrency in Mir 4 is 'valuable' because it provides utility in the game. People who play Mir 4 can buy DRACO with USD to speed up their progression in game while hardcore players can grind the currency and sell it for a profit. The only 'real' way to earn substantial amounts of money from playing Mir 4 though is through multi-boxing and botting, as legitimate play will earn substantially below minimum wage. Botting and multi-boxing are bannable offenses though and one of the motivations of introducing HYDRA was to combat botters, as players can only obtain HYDRA by participating in the game's Conquest system which isn't easily bottable.

Check out their official explanation video below for 'Seoul Spooning 2022':

[MIR4] SEOUL SPOONING 2022 (Eng ver.)

While many will write Mir 4 off as a gimmicky game (and it kind of is), it's wildly successful. It's available on both mobile devices and PC and the PC version through Steam averages 62,770 players online at any given time (over the last 30 days), making it one of the most popular games on Steam.

WeMade, Mir 4's developer, announced in November in their most recent earnings report that Mir 4 hit 1 million concurrent users worldwide in October 2021, which makes Mir 4 more popular than World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV!

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