Multiplayer Puzzle Game ‘Islands Of Insight’ Releases A Playable Demo On Steam

islands of insight key art banner

Islands of Insight is an upcoming shared-world adventure game where players will work together to solve a variety of puzzles as they explore floating islands and unravel the mysteries of the fantasy world. The puzzles will range from logic problems to perspective riddles, mazes, platforming challenges, and more. “Each [puzzle] is carefully placed and thoughtfully crafted to be relaxing, challenging, [...]

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Endnight Games Announces Sons Of The Forest Full Version Launch In February 2024

sons of the forest key art banner

Survival horror game Sons of the Forest will be moving out of early access and making the leap to full release on February 22nd, just two days before it celebrates its 1st anniversary. The full release version will include updated story content as well as several new quality-of-life improvements and gameplay adjustments based on feedback gathered during its year-long stint [...]

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Hi-Rez Studios Is Bringing The Tribes Capture-The-Flag Series Back To Life With Tribes 3: Rivals

tribes 3 rivals red armor banner

Hi-Rez Studios is resurrecting Dynamix’s Tribes sci-fi shooter series when Tribes 3: Rivals launches on Steam next year. The first game in the series, Starsiege: Tribes, came out way back in 1998 and was followed by four more games, the last of which was 2012’s Tribes: Ascend. Hi-Rez apparently snapped up the IP since then and tasked its subsidiary Prophecy [...]

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Palia Prepares For The Coming Of Winter And Teases A New Floating Puzzle Temple

palia christmas fireplace banner

Winter is coming to Palia (whitewalkers not included) as the cozy free-to-play MMO prepares to kick off its first winter event. The event will roll out in phases over the next few weeks, starting with the first fall of snow in Kilima Village and the beginning of Winterlight celebrations. Players can look forward to various seasonal activities like snowball fights [...]

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Extraction Shooter ‘HAWKED’ Launches Into Early Access On PC

hawked key art custom banner

HAWKED, My.Games first entry into the extraction shooter market, has officially launched into early access on Steam and the My.Games launcher. The colorful free-to-play title looks a lot like an Indiana Jones-inspired version of Fortnite minus the sky-bases and building mechanics. In HAWKED, players are dropped into a mysterious island in search of ancient relics from a long-lost civilization. As [...]

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EA Discreetly Pulls Rocket Arena From Sale As Its Developer Ends Support For The Team Shooter

rocket arena rocket pack banner

It appears as if Electronic Arts is quietly winding down Rocket Arena after its developer, The Final Strike, ended support for the game last week. The explosive arena shooter and its DLCs has since been pulled from sale on all storefronts and platforms with no prior announcement, presumably due to its virtually non-existent playerbase. Rocket Arena, however, isn’t shutting down [...]

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Early Access Free-To-Play Shooter ‘Veiled Experts’ Is Shutting Down In Mid-December

veiled experts character cg

Veiled Experts is a free-to-play team-based tactical action shooter from Nexon that launched into Steam Early Access in May. Unfortunately, it won’t ever be making it out of early access and will be shutting down next month, presumably due to extremely poor turnout and “Mixed” reviews on the platform. The servers will permanently be going offline on December 14th but [...]

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