Wayfinder Relaunching As Buy-To-Play Co-op With This Summer’s Echoes Update

wayfinder call of the void key art

Wayfinder is finally getting an update nearly half a year after its developer Airship Syndicate parted ways with Digital Extremes, sending the game into development limbo as the team worked on the technical and legal process of transferring the game over to their servers for self-publishing. It appears as if everything is now in order as Airship Syndicate announces its [...]

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Fractured Veil Adds Farming System, Ziplines, New Recipes, And Sewer Dungeon Loot

fractured veil farming banner

Farming is undoubtedly one of the more useful skills to have if civilization were to be wiped out by a cataclysmic event. While most post-apocalyptic survival games usually featured a farming mechanic of some sort, it’s been conspicuously missing from Fractured Veil, considering that it’s set in the lush and extremely fertile tropical islands of Hawaii. That’s now changed with [...]

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Co-op Survival Game Blight: Survival Plops You Into A Monster-Infested Medieval World

blight survival wooden fortress banner

Swedish indie developer Haenir Studio has announced a new co-op survival game called Blight: Survival with Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive as its publisher. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world that’s being overrun by zombie-like monsters born of a mysterious disease. “Blight: Survival takes place in the no man’s land between two desperate kingdoms locked in [...]

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BitCraft Confirms Alpha 2 In June And Takes Account Hub Offline For Improvements

bitcraft sandbox mmorpg sprite musician

If you missed out on BitCraft’s first alpha test last month, Clockwork Labs has confirmed another round of testing next month with a greater chance of getting an invite. Alpha 2 is being billed as a fixer-upper build that will address all feedback gathered and incorporate everything that the team learned from the not-a-blockchain game sandbox MMO’s previous alpha test. [...]

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Helldivers 2 Delisted From Three More Countries Even After Sony Walks Back PSN Linking

helldivers 2 key art banner

Helldivers 2’s player numbers took a big hit last weekend after the squad-based shooter was pulled from Steam in countries and regions that aren’t supported by the PlayStation Network. While Sony has since reversed its decision to require mandatory PSN account linking on Steam, the game still remains delisted in the said regions. Even so, the ranks of Super Earth’s [...]

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Cozy Multiplayer Farming Game Farm Together 2 Launched Into Early Access On Steam

farm together 2 livestock banner

Farm Together 2, the sequel to Milkstone Studios’ cozy co-op farming game, has officially launched into Steam Early Access with a whole host of gameplay improvements over its predecessor. That includes expanded farming mechanics, terraforming, NPC towns and shops, a more in-depth housing system, mini-games, and ridable horses. Like the original game, Farm Together 2 is buy-to-play with themed DLCs [...]

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Sony Reverses Decision To Require PlayStation Network Account Linking For Helldivers 2

helldivers 2 flag silhouette banner

Super Earth’s soldiers have won their fight against Sony’s tyranny as the Helldivers 2 publisher walks back its decision to implement mandatory PlayStation Network account linking. It was apparently a long overdue requirement that Sony decided to push back due to technical issues but has now decided to scrap entirely. “The May 6 update, which would have required Steam and [...]

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Nightingale Won’t Be Getting New Multiplayer Features As Focus Shifts To Offline Mode

nightingale multiplayer rpg victorian characters

When Nightingale was first announced, it was originally billed as a full-featured portal-hopping survival MMO. It was then scaled down to a shared-world multiplayer game but launched with a whole host of server issues that players were all but begging for an offline mode if only to escape the persistent lag and frequent disconnects. Inflexion Games promptly got to work [...]

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V Rising Official Servers Are Now Offline In Preparation For Tomorrow’s Official Launch

v rising moonlight castle banner

Stunlock Studios has pulled V Rising offline for a 48-hour maintenance period in preparation for the vampire survival game’s Update 1.0 launch on May 8. As previously noted, the downtime will not affect player-run servers which will still be available in their current state until launch day when all servers will be reset and you’ll need to either start a [...]

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