Escape From Tarkov Compensates Unheard Edition Upgraders With $50 Single-Use Credit

The Escape from Tarkov paid PvE mode debacle continues as BattleState Games makes another controversial decision regarding its insanely overpriced Unheard Edition. The studio unveiled the DLC last month along with the announcement that players will need to purchase it to access the extraction shooter’s upcoming PvE mode. Naturally, the announcement caused a huge uproar in the community, particularly those [...]

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Dune: Awakening Has Started Sending Out Invites To Its NDA-Covered Closed Beta Test

dune awakening desert rock formation banner

While Funcom is still keeping its Dune: Awakening testing and release timeline under wraps, the first closed beta test appears to be drawing near as the studio has reportedly started sending out beta keys. Several fans on Reddit confirmed that they’ve received invitations to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to receiving keys. Those who refuse to sign an NDA will [...]

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Free-To-Play Team-Based Shooter XDefiant Officially Launches On PC And Consoles

xdefiant masked key art banner

Ubisoft’s new multi-franchise free-to-play competitive shooter XDefiant launched on PC and consoles earlier this week to matchmaking issues as the servers struggled to accommodate the massive influx of players. The problems, however, were resolved in a matter of hours and it looks like the matchmaking servers are now better able to handle the strain. In fact, the studio was even [...]

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Valve Is Rumored To Be Working On A New Gigantic-Like MOBA Shooter Called Deadlock

deadlock grey talon character banner

Valve is reportedly working on a new 6v6 hero shooter according to various leaks over the past week. The rumored game is called Deadlock and is reminiscent of your typical third-person MOBA, with multiple heroes to choose from that fall into various roles like tanks, healers, mages, and assassins. Matches will also play out like MOBAs, where players kill creeps [...]

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Nightingale’s Offline Mode Is Now Live Alongside New Features, Enemies, And Content

nightingale multiplayer survival game mountain lake

The solution to all of Nightingale’s latency and connectivity woes is finally at hand as Inflexion Games finally rolls out Update 0.3 and its promised offline mode. As you can probably guess, the much-requested feature allows Realmwalkers to play the survival crafting game without an internet connection and even while the servers are down for maintenance. Inflexion notes that the [...]

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Fortnite Battle Royale Teases Fallout Crossover Event And Season Coming Later This Week

fortnite fallout power armor banner

When it comes to crossover events, you can count on Fortnite to be at the forefront of whatever franchise is currently making waves. Case in point is the battle royale shooter’s upcoming Fallout-themed season which will be kicking off on Friday, May 24th. Epic Games teases the crossover with an image of the post-apocalyptic game’s iconic power armor on Twitter [...]

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