Atlas Reactor is Shutting Down on June 28, 2019

Trion Worlds / Gamigo announced today that their free to play X-COM like tactical game Atlas Reactor is shutting down on June 28, 2019. The game's cash shop has already been disabled and everything in-game is available through in game play until the game's shut down date. Atlas Reactor's shut down shouldn't be too surprising to anyone as the game's [...]

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Roblox Monthly Active Users Now Surpass 90 Million

Robox revealed on April 7th that the casual kid-friendly mini-game platform now has over 90 million monthly active users (MAUs) worldwide. Just to put that figure into context, League of Legends peaked at 100 million monthly active users in 2017 and that figure has declined since, which makes Roblox more popular than League of Legends today. The continued growth of [...]

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