MMOTCG Hex Launches Multi-Month $100K Tournament

Gameforge announced the start of the multi-month Hex Invitational Tournament today with a chance to win a portion of the $100K prize money (1st place takes home $40,000). The qualifying phase will run from October 10, 2015 until January 17, 2016, and the final stage will begin February 20, 2016 and last until February 21, 2016. Interested players better start grinding daily, improving their decks and skills, if they want to compete in the finals. The official announcement reads:

We’re bursting with enthusiasm to see the start of the $100,000 tournament series, and we hope you’re just as raring to go to compete for the grand prize! The path to fame and glory (and, of course, the fortune!) may be long, but the journey starts now. At the end of the qualifiers, 12 finalists will fly to sunny California in February 2016 and battle it out for ultimate victory. Who will have what it takes to become the first HEX Invitational Champion?

The tournament announcement arrives right after Wizards of the Coast and Hex developer Cryptozoic settled a year-long legal battle over "willful infringement of intellectual property rights."

Learn more about the Hex Invitational by reading the tournament rules and watching the official announcement video below.