Blade And Soul Revolution Kicks Off Easter-Themed Moonlight Event Featuring A New Dungeon And Boss

blade and soul revolution site bannerBlade and Soul Revolution gets its first-ever Easter-themed content drop in the form of the Moonlight Event. The event is now live and features an exclusive dungeon and an event boss called the Moonlight Lord. The new dungeon gives players a chance to earn event coins that can be exchanged for seasonal rewards, including themed outfits and heroic pet chests.

Players can also earn additional rewards from the spring daily login event with a Moonlight Equipment Chest up for grabs for those who manage to login for 14 consecutive days. The free “Gift from Rina” reward bundle can also be claimed by simply logging in during the event period. The bundle contains a variety of items, including silver, enhancement stones, talismans, a Moonbeam Soul Shield Chest, and two Moonbeam Equipment Chests.