Blade And Soul Revolution Launches Worldwide On Android And iOS Devices

blade and soul revolution classesNetmarble’s Blade and Soul Revolution has officially launched globally on Android and iOS devices. The new Blade and Soul-inspired mobile game features five playable classes: Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, Destroyer, and Summoner. The game has also been slightly modified to appeal to western audiences, which includes changes to the hunting mechanics, player balance, and character progression.

“Blade & Soul Revolution is an Open World Mobile RPG that translates breathtaking cinematic stories of revenge based on the PC online game of Blade & Soul. The game stays true to its PC roots with a high level of full 3D graphics and large-scale content that has been revamped to perform flawlessly on mobile devices. It displays eastern-fantasy world with stunning full 3D graphics backed by the Unreal Engine 4, offering massive real-time faction battle and incomparable hands-on action experience.”

“Developing Blade & Soul Revolution was highly enjoyable,” said Executive Producer Andy Kang. “Thanks to our team’s background in developing AAA-quality mobile games like Lineage 2: Revolution and A3: Still Alive, we were once again able to take a famed IP known by MMO and RPG players across the world and create an authentic Blade & Soul experience that anyone can enjoy.”

The game is now available to download for free on Google Play and the App Store. Don’t forget to check out the official launch trailer below.

Blade & Soul: Revolution - Launch Trailer


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