Western Version of Destiny Child Is Censored

The South Korean mobile RPG Destiny Child launched globally in English last week and it's publisher, LINE Games, chose to censor it. While this isn't particularly surprising, as we've seen other publishers self-censor in the past, it's still disappointing. While the game still has plenty of lewd character designers and skin showing, plenty of skins in the English version feature [...]

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Blade and Soul Revolution Launches in South Korea, Catapults to #1 Spot As Highest Grossing Mobile Games

The mobile Blade and Soul spin-off Blade and Soul Revolution launched in South Korea earlier this week and quickly took the #1 spot as the highest grossing mobile game on iOS. Netmarble, the game's developer, had to expand server capacity 4 times already to accommodate the millions of users rushing to try the game. Unlike most mobile spin-offs, Blade and [...]

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Kakao Secures Global Publishing Rights For Tera Frontier (Mobile MMORPG)

Kakao Games announced earlier this week that they received the global publishing rights for Tera Frontier, a new mobile MMORPG based on the PC MMORPG from Bluehole. It's worth mentioning though that Tera Frontier isn't being developed by Bluehole directly and instead if being developed by Red Sahara Studio, which is actually a subsidiary of Bluehole. Kakao will publish Tera [...]

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