Mortal Online 2 Opens Signups For Final Stress Test Next Week

mortal online 2 archer wooden bridge banner

Mortal Online 2 is running one last stress test ahead of its October 2021 release and all you have to do to get in is to sign-up on the official site.

“Starting on the 6th of September we will open the flood gates once more, inviting the people of the world to experience Mortal Online 2 for free while pushing our servers to the limit one last time while we prepare for release on October 26th.”

The final stress test will come with a whole host of new content that has just been added to the beta build, including new dungeons to run, new creatures to kill, new weapons and armor to craft, and new secrets to uncover, along with a significantly improved new player experience.

The latest beta patch notes can be found on the Mortal Online 2 official site. You can also check out the epic final stress test trailer below.

Mortal Online 2 - Final Stress Test

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